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Why Hire an Arborist

You know what's funny?  Many people don't know, but it is a state law that you must hire a Louisiana Licensed Arborist to perform commercial tree work on your property.

R.S. 3:3808
§3808.  Terms and conditions of licenses and permits
A.  A person who presents himself as, or advertises as, engaging in the arborist profession shall be required to obtain a license which shall subject that person to the following provisions:
(1)  An arborist's license authorizes the holder thereof to recommend or execute the following measures:
(a)  The removal of a tree or a portion of a tree.
(b)  Measures to prolong the life of a tree.
(c)  Measures to enhance the aesthetic value of a tree.
(2)  For license renewal, each arborist is required to attend a continuing training seminar as determined by rule by the commission.

So that takes care of the got to's.  Some other reasons to hire an Arborist:

  • Dr. Hallie Dozer, Associate Professor of Renewal Natural Resources, states "Arborists are men and women who make a career of caring for landscape and community trees."  This is very true.  The state exam for arborist is very difficult.  You don't just take it to take it.
  • To get an arborist license, a candidate must first pass an exam.  Then provide to the state a copy of their general liability insurance.  (This is good for you)
  • To maintain an arborist license, the individual must attend an annual continuing education class provided by LSU Ag Center.  This keeps the arborist up to date on the ever changing techniques and practices. (This is good for you)
  • An arborist is someone who has the knowledge and resources to help you make an informed decision about your tree care needs.

At All Pro Tree Service, LLC. we have two licensed arborist on staff.  Raymond is our estimator and job planner, and Kevin is our crew leader.  Both are capable climbers (Kevin is better and faster) and are committed to proper arborculture techniques.  Safety is very important.  We are also general liability insured for $500,000.00 and have workman's comp.  This is very important when deciding a tree service company.


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